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Cooling water treatment in the industry

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1 day (8h/day); 9AM-5PM CET


Christophe Vanschepdael

Christophe Vanschepdael is expert in water treatment. He is technical advisor, active worldwide, supporting power plants and industrial operators with troubleshooting or consulting about boiler water treatment and cooling water treatment. For several years, he has also passed on his technical expertise via courses in the field of water chemistry in the industry.



The course is a general introduction to cooling circuits in the industry, not only in power plants but also in other industrial sectors. Attendees get an overview about the typical designs, main components and the three main issues that may arise in cooling circuits : biofouling, scaling & corrosion.


The training course includes the following topics:


  • typical designs: once-through, semi-open, with or without cooling tower
  • water intake
  • condenser (material, cleaning technologies, …)
  • cooling tower (if present)


  • importance of site specific discharge limits such as temperature and types of chemicals


  • how to avoid scaling, how to use scale inhibitors
  • main parameters to monitor the risk of scaling


  • how to avoid biofouling in the cooling circuit (coating, biocide, …)
  • main parameters to be followed for a good disinfection (ORP, chemicals concentration, biology)


  • potential corrosion issues in cooling circuits
  • how to avoid corrosion in cooling circuits (inhibitors, corrosion probes, …)


  • how to preserve cooling circuits during shutdown (cooling tower, condenser, intake, …)

FINAL: exercises & quiz

Target Audience

The course addresses a wide audience, including operators, power plant chemists, plant operation or maintenance engineers, consultants and technical project managers.

Practical Info

Please note that the mentioned dates are subject to change if the required number of participants is not met. If interested in the training courses but the proposed dates do not suit your schedule and would like to be enrolled on a waiting list, or if you would like a dedicated session for your team (on-demand), please get in contact at

When organizing a hybrid delivery session, the training course will have attendees joining a live-classroom session (hosted at our offices in Linkebeek, Belgium, assuring the necessary health & safety measures) and attendees joining the same session but in a remote live-online manner.

For attendees joining a live-classroom session at our location, an extra fee of 60 EUR/training day will be added, covering the catering aspects of the training delivery.

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