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EV charging infrastructure: enterprise guidelines for cost-efficient and future-proof sizing

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1 day (8h/day); 9AM-5PM CET


Laurent De Vroey

Since January 2019, Laurent De Vroey has structured ENGIE Laborelec’s electric mobility activity in a dedicated team, that he is managing. His team is working on the whole technical maturity chain (technical watch, studies, testing, pilots, product development, product deployment), covering the different technical aspects of electric mobility: new mobility solutions and related infrastructure (e.g. car sharing, electric buses, autonomous vehicles, user-centric mobility), charging infrastructure assessment (qualitative and quantitative technical evaluation of material, conformity to standards), charging software development and integration of electric cars and buses in a broader energetic ecosystem. The team is providing expertise worldwide for ENGIE, network operators public authorities and other third parties.
Next to other functions, Laurent is in charge of the ENGIE Green Mobility Thematic Lab, structuring the ENGIE R&D activity around electric, gas and hydrogen mobility.



Hands-on training allowing the audience to make educated choices in the number and type of chargers for their present and/or future EV fleet, taking in consideration the infrastructure needs, the possible cost-cutters, the ways to anticipate fleet evolution in a sustainable approach.


The basics of electricity in buildings and industrial sites: power and energy, single and three-phase, transformers and electrical cabinets:

  • EV considerations: consumption, usage patterns, energy and power needs.
  • Chargers: AC, DC, Vehicle-to-X. What to choose and what power levels.
  • Smart charging and other cost-cutters.
  • Deploying a charging infrastructure from A to Z.
  • Dimensioning of the EV charging infrastructure: discussion of practical use cases.
  • Work on your own case.

Target Audience

Companies fleet managers, companies’ site managers, real estate project managers, facility manager.

Practical Info

Please note that the course will only take place if the minimum number of participants is acquired.

If you would like a dedicated session for your team, or if you want information on the possible dates for this course, please get in contact at

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