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Introduction to solid, gaseous and liquid fuels combustion

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2 days (8h/day); 9AM-5PM CET


Héloïse Gennart

Héloïse Gennart has worked for more than 10 years in risk management, more specifically on the explosion risk. She is experienced in risk analysis, has prepared Explosion Protection Documents, and has carried out safety audits on existing installations. For several years, as part of ATEX studies, Héloïse has audited and adapted working procedures for lead-acid battery installations. Her expertise has extended to lithium-ion batteries and developing safety guidelines for energy storage systems.



The course objective is to cover the basics of solid fuels, gaseous fuels and liquid fuels combustion (tailored to the needs of participants), and to further study the impact of the combustion process on boiler and burner technologies.
The specific pollutant emissions to be expected and their methods of mitigation are also covered.


The following topics are part of the course:

  • Combustion and its parameters, heating value
  • Solid fuels, gaseous fuels, liquid fuels, pre-treatment of fuels, fuels for start-up
  • Types of coal (sub-bituminous, bituminous, lignite, etc.)
  • Milling behaviour
  • Combustion process: air requirements, incomplete combustion, combustion controls
  • Influence of the minerals on combustion (ash analysis)
  • Influence of moisture content
  • Erosion and corrosion, corrosion mechanisms, chlorine corrosion, molten sulphate corrosion, dew point corrosion, CO corrosion, etc.
  • Influence of heavy metals and trace elements
  • Types of burners, slagging and fouling risk, air staging
  • Boiler and boiler cleaning
  • Impact of furnace size
  • Impact of the coal on emissions
  • Safety issues
  • Trouble shooting examples and case studies are used throughout the course

Target Audience

Operators and engineers

Practical Info

Please note that the course will only take place if the minimum number of participants is acquired.

If you would like a dedicated session for your team, or if you want information on the possible dates for this course, please get in contact at

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