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Condition assessment of rotating machines through oil analysis

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1 day (8h/day)


Koen Balman

An expert in the condition monitoring of lubricating oils for rotating equipment, Koen began his career in an industrial oil blending plant, going on to become an oil analysis manager. He has worked at ENGIE Laborelec since 2007, involved in lubricating oil analysis and reporting, specifically for turbines and other oil-filled equipment within the power segment.




  • Why perform lubricating oil analyses?
  • What are best practices in oil sampling?
  • What are the degradation mechanisms for lubricating oils?
  • Which analyses apply to which types of equipment?
  • What is the best frequency for conducting the analyses?
  • How to interpret test results: trending, comparison with international standards, etc.
  • How to use the analysis results to create and implement a maintenance action plan.

In addition, specific case studies are discussed to train in interpreting results and formulating recommendations.

Target Audience

Maintenance staff and asset managers responsible for turbines and other rotating equipment.

Practical Info

Please note that the course will only take place if the minimum number of participants is acquired.

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